How much does it cost to operate your truckmount?

HM_MachineLineupPart 1 in a 3 Part Series

We get a lot of questions from cleaners, restorers, entrepreneurs thinking about becoming a cleaner or restorer, tax accountants, consultants, and more related to the ownership cost of a truckmount. How much does it cost to own and how_much_does_it_cost_nsioperate a truckmount? How does that related to how much you charge for using it? What is the income earning potential for a truckmount? While all three of those questions are related, they are really asking three different questions when it comes to measuring them.

  • What is the cost of owning and operating your HydraMaster truckmount? Hourly? Annually?
  • How does this cost of operating interact with what you should be charging for cleaning services that you use your truckmount to perform?
  • What is the revenue production capability of your truckmount? Hourly? Annually?

There are many ways to approach answering these questions. I like to try and look at everything in relation to a production hour. A production hour means your machine is running and you are making money. It is NOT – selling time, driving time, set-up time, tear down time, break time – just when the machine in on, you are earning money. Now imagejpeg_1001admittedly, there are ways on a job site to earn money when your machine is not running. Selling fabric protector is one that comes to mind. But essentially, when your machine is on, you should be earning income. When it is off, you are usually not earning any income. I call  this a “production hour.”

If you are brand new in business, your likely most pressing issue is not whether you are earning money – it is likely you need to get some jobs booked so you can earn money. So if you booked less than say, 5 jobs last week, using a production hour to measure cost and revenue is not going to be your most effective measurement. So if you are new and in this boat, just go with me for a while and at least let me get these principles introduced into your mind.

A problem I often see when any group of cleaners and restorers start talking about what Boastingsomething costs and what something can make, is that they often have a tendency to boast too much or get defensive about the way they do things. Enter this calculation with an open mind. This is not a contest, it is more like getting a numbers based “physical” at your doctor – not to determine your health, but the first step in looking Rusty vanat the health of your business.

Another common mistake made when calculating cost is that too many people put into their cost calculations what they presently have when it comes to a van and their cleaning equipment. Then they base their prices on that and wonder why they can never seem to afford something more. For instance, if you determine your cost based upon paying for a used van, then the price you determine to charge from that cost may always limit you to a used van. If you want a new van, or you have your Ziggy 1eye on a specific truckmount, try doing these calculations twice – once the way things are now, and once the way you want them to be. See what the difference is.

In Part 1 of our 3 Part series, we are going to focus simply on the ownership and operational cost of your truckmounted equipment.

If you have access to an income statement for your company from the most recent year, that may assist you in some of these calculations. If you don’t, we will provide some Boxxer 318 in Nissan“averages” to help you get going on these calculations. For our sample calculations, we are going to use a HydraMaster Boxxer 318 Slide-In Truckmount. So let’s get started on our journey.

A. What is the replacement cost of the cleaning equipment? (machine, hoses, wands, accessories, tools, van organization – everything in your can you must have to complete the job) $_______________

B. What is the replacement cost of the transportation equipment (van)?$___________

C. How much do you spend annually on the  chemicals you use while you are operating your truckmount? (If you operate more than one van and truckmount, divide the annual cost on chemicals be the number of cleaning trucks in your fleet) $_____________

D. How much gasoline do you consume while running your equipment? (This is not the cost of gasoline to get from job site to job site – that will come later) $______________ (If you don’t know we will give you a way to calculate this)

E. What is the annual cost of proper maintenance of your equipment? (If you operate more than one van and truckmount, divide the annual cost on chemicals be the number of cleaning trucks in your fleet) $____________

F. How many hours a year do you put on your truckmount? (Production Hours). The industry average is around 500. ____________

G. The accounting life of a truckmount is 5 years. It will be completely depreciated in five years. So that is the number we will use for the life of your cleaning equipment. Of course, you can make a truckmount last longer. But as any tax accountant will tell you, periodically replacing your older equipment with newer equipment is one of the best ways to save you money on taxes and reduce your maintenance costs. G=5

H. The accounting life of your van is 5 years (See note for equipment above) H=5

I. What is your average cost of gasoline per gallon? $_____________

Calculating the cost of owning and running your truckmount

  1. Replacement cost of the equipment is determined as follows: Cost of cleaning equipment (A) divided by the life expectancy in production hours of the machine  (F x G)  = A/ (F X G)
    • In the case of a Boxxer 318, that is presently $13,650. Let’s add $3000 for tools accessories, hoses, etc in your van for a total of $16,650.00 (A)
    • The “accounting” life of the machine is generally going to be 5 years (G). The average carpet cleaner puts about 500 hours a year on their machine (F). That means the useful life of the machine is around 2500 hours (F x G).
    • 16, 650.00 divided by 2500 hours means the cost of the machine is about: $6.66 per hour
    • So the replacement cost of the machine is around $6.66 per production hour (time on the job spent cleaning)
  2. Replacement cost of the van is determined as follows: Cost of the van (B) divided by the life expectancy of the van in production hours of the machine. (F x G)
    1. A good price for the van new these days is around $31,000 (B)
    2. The “accounting” life of the machine is generally going to be 5 years. The average carpet cleaner puts about 500 hours a year on their machine. That means the useful life of the machine is around 2500 hours. (F x G)
    3. 31,000.00 divided by 2500 hours means the cost of the van is about: $12.40 per hour B/(F x G)
    4. So the cost of the van is around $12.40 per production hour (time on the job spent cleaning)
  3. Cost of chemicals is determined by the following: Your annual cost for chemicals (C) divided by the production hours in a year (F)
    1. Let’s say you spent around $2500 per year for cleaning chemicals
    2. That is $2500 divided by 500 production hours (C/F)
    3. That means your cost of chemicals is $5.00 per production hour.
  4. How much gasoline annually do you use while running your equipment? (D)
    1. You are running 500 hours per year. The engine on a Boxxer 318 consumes around 1.4 gallpns per hour. So that is 500 hours  x 1.4 gallons = 700 gallons consumed per year.
    2. 700 gallons x $3.30 (I) per gallon equals $2310.00 annually in gas to run the equipment.
    3. $2310 divided by 500 hours means your cost of gasoline is $4.62 per production hour (D)
    4. By the way, did you know that in many states, you can apply to have the sales tax you paid on gasoline you used to operate your truckmount (not drive from job to job but to actually perform a production hour) refunded? Consult with your tax advisor.
  5. What is your annual maintenance cost for the truckmount? (E)
    1. If you just look at your financials for the last year, you could come up with an exact figure for this. Let’s assume it is around $750 per year
    2. $750 per year divided by 500 production hours in a year = $1.50 per production hour. (E/F)

So what does it cost you to own and run your  Boxxer 318 (assuming you are the cleaning technician)?

  1. Replacement cost of equipment: $6.66 per production hourDSCF0181
  2. Replacement cost of the van: $12.40 per production hour
  3. Cost of chemicals: $5.00 per production hour
  4. Cost of gasoline to run your truckmount: $4.62 per production hour
  5. Maintenance cost for truckmount: $1.50 per production hour

So question 1 is answered. What is the cost of owning and operating your HydraMaster truckmount? The cost of owning and operating a Boxxer 318 truckmount is approximately $30.18 per production hour.

Now keep in mind that does NOT include a lot of the other expenses for running the business: gasoline cost for driving the van from job to job: marketing and advertising:  insurance – general liability, van/truck, life, health;; van maintenance; utilities, cellphone/telephone; rent/mortgage, miscellaneous, and MOST IMPORTANTLY labor – how you pay yourself and any employees that are helping you.

In part 2 of our series, we will examine how all the other expenses your company has can be built into an overall cost benchmark:

  • Salaries (Labor)
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Van and Truckmount Insurance
  • Care, Custody, and Control Insurance (if you are hauling or storing your customers Businessman struggling with large Expensesbelongings)
  • Health Insurance
  • Other Insurance
  • Other Maintenance Costs (Van/Shop)
  • Utilities
  • Phone (Mobile and Landline)
  • Rent/Mortgage or percent of rent or mortgage (if operating out of your home)
  • Other expenses

In part 3 of our series, we will focus on how you can use your cost calculations to help you set prices, and also look at how to measure the revenue producing capacity of your equipment overall. But let’s start with a simple calculation. If someone asks you what the revenue generating capabilities of your truckmount are, we can simply look at some industry averages as a starting point. If you are charging 30 cents per square foot for carpet cleaning (average price per square foot in last Cleanfax magazine benchmark survey  – – and you average 500 square feet per hour cleaning carpet residentially, then your production hour revenue is $150 per production hour (500 x $0.30 per square foot). We will dig deeper into this in part 3.



The Most Innovative Wand and Tool Family in the Industry is Growing

Evolution Wand SeriesBetter Cleaning, Faster Drying, Reduced Fatigue

About the EVOLUTION Wand Technology

HydraMaster took wand and tool design to the next level with the development of the technology with the Evolution Wand Series. Using a copolymer process to rotationally mold cleaning wands has resulted in tools that are lighter, more durable, and outperform traditional stainless steel wands and tools. Through scientific testing, the Evolution Wand series was developed to smooth airflow and boost water recovery Laminar-vs-turbulent-flowperformance through laminar airflow design. Side by side comparative testing of the 1.5” Evolution Wand against many of the other types of wands available resulted in ½ of the residual moisture per square foot, and has shown unmatched performance versus any other type of wand.

The rotationally molded wand heads and aircraft aluminum tubes make the Evolution Wand Series nearly half the weight as comparable stainless steel wands and tools. Evolution wands and tools are custom fitted with a Delrin® acetyl glide with a glide holder that is molded or mounted to the wand or tool head for an airtight fit. Many aftermarket Teflon glides used on traditional wands are designed to fit a wide variety of tools and often don’t fit well and slip and slide off. The Delrin® glides are especially matched to the glide holder on each Evolution Wand giving it an airtight seal and making it easily replaceable.

Now the full line of Evolution Wands and tools provide the professional cleaner and restorer  with a wide range of problem solving and quick drying options whether using a truckmount or portable extractor, doing water damage and flood extraction, cleaning hard surface floors, or taking care of fine upholstery.

What new tools have been added to the family?


The Evolution Stair Wand has a rotationally molded head, Delrin Glide, and is a wand Evo Stair 2 KO black glidedesigned to clean stairs and hard to reach places. It comes with a 10″ head and has a single jet. The Evolution Stair Wand is lighter and more durable than stainless steel stair wands and tools. Features of the new Evolution Stain Wand include:

  • Through scientific testing, the Evolution Stair Wand was designed to smooth airflow and boost water recovery performance. A rotationally molded head and aircraft aluminum tube make the Evolution Stair Wand lighter than most other stair wands or tools and more durable
  • Ergonomically angled wand tube for fatigue reduction
  • Laminar like airflow design improves airflow, increases extraction performance, and reduces drying time – leaves less residual moisture
  • Delrin glide is mounted to the rotationally molded head for airtight fit and no IMGP6795slippage
  • Brass check valve/stainless steel Inline filter with brass quick-connect prevents clogging and is easy to clean out
  • 10” head with single jet spray application
  • Part # 000-163-759
Click here to learn more about the EVOLUTION Stair Wand or to order
Click here to see a video about the EVOLUTION Stair Wand

EVOLUTION Glided Upholstery Tool

The Evolution Glided Upholstery Tools has a rotationally Molded Head with a Delrin® Glide. The 4″ head a single angled jet spray. This durable, rotationally molded tool is lighter than conventional steel upholstery tools, reducing hand and wrist fatigue inEvo upholstery tool 2 ko upholstery cleaning. The Evolution Upholstery Tool was designed to smooth airflow and boost water recovery performance as compared to the harsh angles of a steel tool. Best of all, the glided head moves across the upholstery fabric better and increases water recovery. Features of the Evolution Glided Upholstery Tool include:

  • The cleaning angle of the single jet shears across the fabric rather than directly down onto it greatly reducing your chances of over-wetting.
  • Rotationally molded to reduce weight and increase durability
  • Laminar like airflow design improves airflow, increases extraction performance,IMGP6807 and reduces drying time.
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and ensure proper recovery when cleaning surfaces with unique geometry.
  • Delrin glide is mounted to the rotationally molded tool head for airtight fit and no slippage
  • Plastic glide is less likely to develop burrs than a steel tool head which could damage delicate upholstery fabrics. Also, glide can be replaced when worn
  • The recommended cleaning solution pressure for the tool is 40-80 psi. The valve is rated to 1200 psi. The part number is 000-163-617.
    Click here to learn more about the EVOLUTION Glided Upholstery Tool or to order
    Click here to see a video about the EVOLUTION Glided Upholstery Tool

EVOLUTION Wand Holder/Rack

You can finally quit fumbling around in the back of their van or work vehicle trying toHydraMaster wand holder-rackfind the right place for their wands. Those clips don’t hold up and often don’t fit, but they still need to clear floor space and have a place where their  technicians know the wand always goes.  The Evolution Multi-Purpose Wand Rack/Holder is designed to provide a more professional look to your van, while simultaneously increasing your van organization and efficiency. It protects your wands, and all of the other contents of your van from damage being inflicted by falling wands.

  • The Evolution Multi-Purpose Wand Rack is manufactured with black durable HDPE plastic that is corrosion resistant. It is available in a 1.5” version and a 2” version.
  • The 1.5” version is specifically designed to hold the 1.5 Evolution Wand or Evolution Stair Wand. It will also hold most standard stainless steel 1.5” wands and some 1.5” “S” Bend stainless steel wands. The 2” version is designed to hold the 2” EvolutionEVOLUTION WAND HOLDER Wand and the 2” Titanium Evolution Wand. It will also hold most standard stainless steel or Titanium 2.0” wands and some 2.0” “S” Bend stainless steel wands.
  • The auto-secure tensioner “locks” the wand in place so it will not fall out, even when making sudden stops or turning sharp corners.
  • The rack can be mounted either to the side of the van or the roof. An added slot will simultaneously store and hold a carpet grooming tool or rake (van side-mount only).
  • Three additional holes on the rack allow you to use bungee cords/wraps to store other hoses and accessories in place.
  • Standard kits come with two brackets and recommended mounting is directly to the rib of the van. Two kits can be mounted on one wall to hold multiple wands
  • The EVOLUTION WAND RACK comes as a two bracket kit.
Click here to learn more about the EVOLUTION Wand Rack or to order
Click here to see a video about the EVOLUTION Wand Rack

Want to meet the rest of the family?

1.5” EVOLUTION Wand for Truckmounts or Portables

Rotationally Molded Delrin Glide Carpet Cleaning Wand (13” head, 2 jet)

HM_EVO-head ko

  • Rotationally molded to reduce weight and increase durability
  • Laminar airflow design improves water recovery, increases extraction performance, and reduces drying time
  • Laboratory tested to leave less residual moisture in the carpet
  • Delrin glide holder is rotationally molded into the wand head for airtight fit and no slippage
  • Designed to be used with both truckmounts and portable extractors (all jet sizes included)
  • Part #  000-163-034
Click here to learn more about the 1.5″  EVOLUTION Wand or to order
Click here to see a video about the 1.5″ EVOLUTION Wand

2.0” Truckmount EVOLUTION Wand

Rotationally Molded Delrin Glide Carpet Cleaning Wand (16” head, 6 jet)

  • Rotationally molded to reduce weight (only 8.8#) and increase durability2 inch head jets
  • Laminar airflow design improves airflow, increases extraction performance, and reduces drying time
  • 2” diameter vacuum tube increases airflow for faster drying and fits perfectly to 2” vacuum hose without the need for reducing couplers that can limit performance
  • 6 stainless steel spray jets are strategically placed on the stainless steel spray bar for maximum coverage, and the wide 16” cleaning head increase productivity by 30% over 1.5” wand
  • Part # 000-163-035
Click here to learn more about the 2″  EVOLUTION Truckmount Wand or to order
Click here to see a video about the 2″ EVOLUTION Truckmount Wand

EVOLUTION Titanium 2” Wand

Rotationally Molded Head, Titanium Tube, Delrin Glide Carpet Cleaning Wand (16” head, 6 jet wand) – The lightest head and the lightest and most durable wand tube

  • Designed for maximum corrosion resistance, yet 2lbs. lighter than a 2” stainless EVO-2inch-Titaniumsteel wand
  • Flow control orifice keeps maximum control over flow and reduces clogging
  • Durable, yet lightweight
  • Titanium tube
  • Rotationally molded to reduce weight and increase durability
  • Laminar airflow design improves water recovery which increases extraction performance and reduces drying times
  • Part # 000-163-054
Click here to learn more about the 2″  TITANIUM EVOLUTION Truckmount Wand or to order

EVOLUTION  Flood Extraction Wand

Rotationally Molded Head, Delrin Glide Water Extraction Wand (16” head)

  • The Aluminum tube and Rotomold head make it extremely lightweight helping HM_EvolutionFloodWandreduce fatigue on the technician. The sealed Delrin® glides help push the wand across the carpet, and are tapered to keep a good seal on the fibers.
  • No other tool has made such a dramatic increase in soil and water recovery due to its laminar airflow design
  • Part # 000-163-058
Click here to learn more about the 2″  TITANIUM EVOLUTION Truckmount Wand or to order

For more information about the new tools or any tool in the Evolution Wand Series, click here and we will send you the very latest information

The Stakes Have Been Raised – Rotary Jet Extraction® Wands

IMGP6862The History of Rotary Jet Extraction® Wands

As truckmounts became the dominant way of cleaning carpet for the cleaning professional in the 1980’s, the evolution of cleaning wands had moved from the original drag wands to lighter weight “scrub” wands. Scrub wands became the most popular choice for cleaning carpet. But too often carpet cleaners would wear down as the day went on, and truthfully, their ability to use the scrub wand as an agitation and extraction tool waned as they became fatigued. In addition, when faced with large open areas of43 carpet to be cleaned, many cleaners figured there had to be an easier, faster, and more effective way to clean carpets than heavy weighted drag wands and lighter weight but arm busting scrub wands. That is when the concept of the rotary jet extractor® was developed by the engineers at HydraMaster.

The RX-20 Rotary jet extractor® was introduced to the industry 35 years ago by HydraMaster with three primary goals;  a higher level of cleaning DSC_2095performance in a carpet cleaning wand, faster drying,  and reducing fatigue for the cleaning technician. Since that time, over 25,000 RX20 Units have been sold. Through the years, several companies have introduced rotary wands. Ultimately they continue to seem to all compare themselves to the RX20. In fact though, the introduction of lighter, less durable rotary extractors has actually simply raised the awareness of the value of rotary extraction. Over the years, innovations by HydraMaster have been developed that help the RX20 clean faster, extract more water and reduce drying times even further

The RX20 Set the Standard. The New RX20 NextGen Rotary Jet Extractor Raises that Standard

So just how has the innovator and originator of Rotary Extraction raised the bar with the new RX20 NextGen? We listened to the input of professional cleaning and restoration contractors just like you.

RX20 Next Right Side KOThe RX20 NextGen is easier to handle and more comfortable to operate. An additional momentary switch on the controls sustains head rotation and allows the user to operate the unit with their left hand only. We’ve added an additional lower rear carry handle that makes the unit easier to load and unload and move up and down stairs. Best of all, we implemented a no slip handle locking mechanism that utilizes a  tee handle, spring pull, and latches with positive locks that set at 5-7 degree increments. This makes setting the RX20 NextGen to the right height for you easier than ever and reduces maintenance.

New, exclusive features on the RX20 NextGen extend your cleaning reach and optimize productivity. The on-board crevice tool with robust design and storage bracket increases your cleaning reach and allows for vacuuming or edges and corners. Another money making feature of this is that the clear tube on the tool allows for your customer to see the extracted water and soiling through the sight tube while you are cleaning their carpet or hard surface floor.

Operating the RX20 NextGen is easier than ever. We have made enhancements that makeRX20 Next Gen Back KO it even less fatiguing so you can continuously operate longer. The operator handle and been ergonomically re-designed for operator comfort. The handle angle is positioned for comfort and productivity.

Enhanced engineering designs on the RX20 NextGen reduce complexity and makes it easier to train new technicians to operate. Redesigned and enhanced label artwork and color graphics  provide detailed operation instructions right on the handle for the operator. New smooth wheels help prevent picking up debris during transport

Finally streamlined manufacturing practices have brought about a reduction in numberRX20 Next Left Side KO of parts, and more of the mechanisms are built into the cast and molded handle make the tool even more robust. The longevity, reliability, and durability of the RX20 were not compromised in this new design. It is designed and manufactured to last longer, clean deeper, and dry faster than all of the competition. It remains the most remarkable tool to restore soiled carpet, restore the nap, and groom the carpet pile. 35 years of accumulated knowledge in manufacturing resulted in improved processes and designs to reduce cost, and IMGP6862pass that savings on to you.

How does the RX20 NextGen Clean Faster and Better?

The RX20 NextGen Rotary Jet Extractor® continues to revolutionize the way professional cleaners and restorers deep clean carpets.  It cleans the carpet fiber from five different angles. With three spray jets matched with 5 vacuum slots that are independently suspended by a flexible spring arm, the RX20 NextGen makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute. This super agitation, combined New Shoes2with the unit’s weight cleans a carpet deeper, extracting soil and cleaning solution. The rotating head cleans all sides of the carpet fiber, fluffing up and restoring the pile. The cleaning head floats and glides across the carpet. The self-propelled RX20 NextGen glides over the carpet; the rotary action of the cleaning head does all the work. The RX20 NextGen sweeps back and forth with just a slight change of balance on the handle. The effort needed to use an RX20 NextGen is a fraction of that used scrubbing back and forthIMGP6904 with a wand. Best of all, the extraction recovery performance of the RX20 NextGen dries the carpet faster than ever. The results are astounding, especially on extremely soiled, matted carpet.

The RX20 NextGen delivers consistent results all day long and is not operator dependent. Using a rotary jet extractor often means you’ll be cleaning at the same quick pace at the end of the day as when you started; consistent effort that translates into consistent quality and happy customers. It is kind of like that famous battery bunny. It just keeps going and going and going. Customers will be impressed by the high-tech approach to cleaning that the RX20 NextGen provides, setting your cleaning company apart from those that use a conventional scrub or drag wand. Experience has shown this to be true as repeat customers often call specifically requesting the rotary extraction of an RX20 NextGen.

RX20 NextGen – A High Production Water Extraction Tool for Water Damage Restoration

Another often overlooked feature of the RX20 Next Gen is its ability to extract standing water, particularly on glue down commercial carpets. An independent water extraction test by a leading trade association demonstrated that heavier rotary extraction wands like the RX20 NextGen did a better job at extracting water from glue down carpets than many wands specifically designed for water extraction only. In fact, even on residential style carpet the RX20 outperformed many so called dedicated extraction wands at water recovery from a flooded carpet. Multiple passes of head across the carpet ensures a higher level of water extraction and faster drying. Finally, just like in cleaning, when using the RX20 NextGen for water extraction, it reduces fatigue, and keeps up maximum extraction even when the restoration technician is worn out.

The RX20 NextGen is Not Just a Carpet Extraction Tool – Low Moisture and Hard Surface Cleaning

The RX Pad and Bonnet Driver (Part No. 190-041-024) attachment allows the RX to quickly convert to drive carpet cleaning bonnet pads.

You can also do hard surface floor deep cleaning, stripping, or scrubbing on luxury vinyl tile, ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone, and finished concrete with the right IMGP6898attachments:

  • RX Hard Floor Attachment – LD (Part No. 190-041-024)
    • Suitable for Light Duty (LD) scrubbing of vinyl, terrazzo, slate and marble surfaces. The brush on this attachment replaces red pads.
  • RX Hard Floor Attachment – MD (Part No. 190-041-025)
    • Suitable for Medium Duty (MD) to aggressive scrubbing and stripping of resilient floors, terrazzo, quarry tile and concrete floors. The brush on this attachment replaces brown and black pads and will outlast them more than 100 to 1.
  • RX Hard Floor Attachment – HD Part No. 190-041-025
    • Designed for Heavy Duty (HD) to most aggressive stripping and scrubbing of resilient floors, terrazzo, quarry tile and concrete floors. The brush on this attachment replaces high productivity pads.

The Stakes Have Been Raised

The RX20 NextGen has raised the stakes in rotary jet extraction wands. Fortunately, you are the beneficiary with features that make it easier than ever for you to use:

  • Easier to handle and more comfortable to operate.
  • Locking handle mechanism makes it easier to lock in at the right adjustment level IMGP6889for you
  • Extend your cleaning reach and optimize productivity with the on-board crevice tool
  • See through sight tube allows your customer to see the extracted water and soiling
  • Ergonomic redesign of the handle for operator comfort
  • Reduced complexity and on board instructions make it easier to train new technicians
  • And perhaps most importantly,  streamlined manufacturing processes without compromising performance, reliability, and durability that make the tool more affordable than ever.

For more information on the RX20 NextGen, follow this link and we will get you information right out!



HydraMaster Introduces New Smartphone/Tablet Technical Support App for Truckmounted Equipment.

This app will help HydraMaster equipment owners troubleshoot and answer some of the most common questions while operating or maintaining a HydraMaster Truckmount. It provides on-the-job immediate support 24/7/365, even when you are cleaning at night, on HM_MachineLineupweekends, and on holidays. It is a great resource for training new technicians. You can access diagrams, charts, videos, and more. It also provides the user with quick access to their local HydraMaster Distributor, HydraMaster headquarters Technical Support and includes a General Motors and Ford HYdraMaster Truckmount Support Appservice dealer locator for your van. It also provides direct links to HydraMaster’s vast series of equipment operations and training videos in our YouTube library that can provide even more information. There is even a direct link to the HydraMaster web site, where you can download an equipment manual for virtually every truckmount or portable that HydraMaster has ever manufactured.

The HydraMaster Support App is available on Apple and Android. You can install it on your phone or tablet and it is FREE! There are two easy ways to install.
1. You can follow this link:
2. Or you can also go directly to the Android or Apple app store and download it from the following search: HydraMaster Support App.

HydraMaster will be expanding the information on the app on a regular basis, and it contains helpful information for all of HydraMaster’s presently manufactured Direct Drive and slide-in truckmounts. HM_HassleFreeBadgePATHS

The HydraMaster Truckmount Troubleshooting App is just another important key in our on-going commitment to provide HydraMaster truckmount owners with a hassle free ownership experience – one more way; “We’ve Got Your Back”



Why HydraMaster is your best choice for Restoration Equipment…

HM-RestorationCollageHydraMaster Restoration equipment is based on a 45+ year track record of HydraMaster reliability, durability, and dependability. Everything we make has to be part of this reputation. The HydraMaster restoration product line is rooted in the reality of the restoration equipment income earning marketplace. The large majority of water damage HM5000-Singlerestoration jobs are billed to and paid for by insurance companies. Rather than focusing exclusively on industry focused technical standards, the HydraMaster product range seeks to find the right mix of drying performance with the level of income that the equipment can produce, and that insurance companies are willing to pay.

The restoration equipment market today seems to be dominated by two opposing forces. First are US Based companies who were the pioneers of establishing the restorative drying industry who work hard to make sure industry standards of care see the science of restoration in a way that fits their product performance. The other are foreign manufactured equipment focused seemingly on making airmovers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers as inexpensively as possible to try and wrestle market share from the pioneers. Performance and quality control take a back seat to flooding the marketplace (pardon the pun) with multiple varieties of the same equipment at an inexpensive price.

IMG_9920The quality, conscientious restoration contractor is caught in the middle. In truth, he/she can charge the insurance company the same nightly rental rate for an inexpensive, foreign made  1/3 HP airmover as they can the cream of the crop airmover from the pioneer company. What they don’t know about is quality of construction, safety considerations, warranty and technical support, and more when it comes to that less expensive piece of equipment.

The HydraMaster line of restoration equipment provides both domestically produced HM3000_Masked_0743and foreign made airmovers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers, ozone generators, and flood extractors. The equipment is manufactured to our exacting standards with quality control people and mechanisms in place whether the equipment is made in the United States or overseas. Here’s what you can count on when choosing HydraMaster Restoration equipment:

  • Uncompromising Performance – When it comes to CFM, gallons per Hour of water removed, or fail-safe electronics and certification that you need to safely and effectively operate in a wet environment, we take no short cuts. Low amp usage for daisy chain capability and reduced power usage, GFCI breakers and ETL Certification for safer operation, and rugged and reliable design and construction for longevity make our product line your best choice.
  • Hassle-Free Warranty Service – on the rare occasion something goes wrong HM_HassleFreeBadgePATHSoutside of regular maintenance, HydraMaster’s legendary technical support and hassle free warranty support kick in.
  • Phone Technical Support – Our HydraMaster Technical Support line puts you in touch with our highly trained, patient and reliable tech support team to talk you through your operations, maintenance and troubleshooting questions. They are available Monday through Friday from 7am – 5pm (PST)
  • Competitive Pricing – Our equipment is not the most expensive, and it is not the cheapest either. We demand a high level of performance, safety testing, and quality no matter what factory it is made in.

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Why Portable Extractors are Gaining Increasing Popularity with Restoration Contractors

I was recently speaking with one of the top executives at one of the largest restoration OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfranchises in the world. He spoke eloquently of the fact that he was seeing a trend in many large restoration companies going back to high performance portable extraction equipment as a “replacement” for the truckmount in their restoration equipment arsenal. It wasn’t your typical argument over whose “dog is better and bigger in the fight” that so often dominate the discussion of what kind of equipment to use in our industry. It was really an intelligent conversation about what makes the most sense (and cents) from a logical business management standpoint.

So why is there a trend toward portable extractors with some large restoration contractors? It certainly is not because they can’t afford truckmounts. Many of these companies do multiple millions of dollars in revenue. It certainly is not because they don’t understand the full capabilities of truckmounts. Most of them have operated a variety of slide-in and direct drive truckmounts in the past. I think it is actually an evolution of sorts in the on-going development of restoration companies.

The advantage of having a strong and reliable heated portable extractor is invaluable. Undeniably one day, just about any restoration contractor will run into a restoration job at a multi-level facility – one where you they won’t have the ability to run hundreds of feet of hose from a truckmount to the area where the work is being done. In addition, there are many industrial, government, or commercial buildings where for security reasons they have a closed door policy. They don’t allow doors to be ajar for long periods of time. A strong, reliable portable extraction unit like the FloodKing may be exactlyflood-king-moving_HydraMaster what they need. But most restorers already have a portable for those types of jobs. Why are portables gaining a foothold as the primary carpet cleaning and water extraction machine in some companies?

It has to do with how they invest their money into their capital equipment. The big advantage that most restoration equipment has over any type of extractor (truckmount or portable) is that it creates revenue without the use of labor. In other words, it is taken onto the job site, set-up, plugged in, and it starts earning money. For an extraction machine to make money, there has to be someone “attached” to it (a technician), operating it and using it to extract water or clean carpeting or hard surface floors. Some restorers simply don’t have a lot of situations where they have a need for cleaning capability from an extractor. Their thought is – why would I invest $60 – $80K in a truckmount and van, if we only use it on a few jobs per week, and sometimes it sits for weeks at a time. If the large restoration company does not offer carpet cleaning services , and uses their equipment for extraction and restoration only, it simply makes better sense (and perhaps cents) to invest in a portable extractor rather than a truckmount. If the restoration company does a lot of extraction and job clean-up (carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning, pressure washing, etc…, ), plus they still offer carpet cleaning services, then a truckmount almost always still represents the right decision.

So what is the right kind of portable for the restoration contractor? Restoration PEX500-blue-Rtcontractors who need extraction capability constantly and cleaning ability occasionally certainly want to invest in a portable with strong cleaning capability. That is what makes the PEX500 the portable of choice for those restorers. The PEX500 provides you with the extraction power of dual 3-stage pex-loadingBluevacuums with unrestricted airflow. When cleaning, the combination of the most powerful heater available in a portable and an adjustable solution pump up to 500psi gives you truckmount like cleaning capabilities. But it is the “easy” transport design of the PEX that makes t so ideal for restoration. Built in a “dolly-style” format, the PEX is the very easiest to load and unload from a vehicle high performance extractor built. Add to that it is the easiest to go up and down steps. This makes it the perfect choice for the restoration contractor taking it to a wide variety of homes and businesses. Many restoration contractors choose the HydraPort 400 High OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPerformance Extractor from HydraMaster. The HydraPort 400 gives you the cleaning power of adjustable pressure up to 400psi, and in inline heater. It does this in a very economical package that is perfect for the occasional cleaning job and for extraction. For extraction only capability, the FloodKing is the ideal restoration choice. The innovative design has increased the efficiency of the airflow by top mounting dual 3-stage vacuums, thus eliminating stand-pipes and bends into the tank. This significantly reduces restrictions in airflow and increases efficiency. Powerful yet efficient, the 3-stage vacuums only use 13 Amps of power with one cord which is ideal HM_FloodKingfor flooded sites where power may be limited. The FloodKing’s ergonomic and lightweight design makes it easy to handle by one person with little or no bending or stooping. Large rear wheels carry the FloodKing up and down stairs or nearly anywhere you need it to be, to complete the job with little effort or strain. To increase productivity, two (2) diaphragm bilge pumps automatically and continuously remove the waste water from the 9 gallon recovery tank through a standard 3/4″ garden hose at 10.5 GPM, thus eliminating the need to stop and empty the tank.

What is the right decision for your company? HydraMaster has a complete line of truckmounted and high performance heated portable extractors. Use our experience to help make sure you make the right investment for your company. Would you like more information? Let us know here.HM-PortablesCollage





Why are HydraMaster Direct Drive Truckmounts the Number #1 Choice for Restoration Contractors?

HydraMaster has long been the leader in the manufacture of Direct Drive Truckmounts.Ziggy 1 The HydraMaster CDS is the truckmount champion for restoration professionals. It has been the industry’s leading van-powered restoration cleaning systems for over two decades. Now, the restoration contractor has a choice with the HydraMaster CDS xDRIVE truckmount, mounted in a Ford Transit for even more room for all their restoration gear.

The question for you may be why? What makes a direct drive truckmount the perfect restoration choice?

  1. Reliability – You need your Truckmount to be reliable and dependable. The last thing you need is for your machine to go down in the middle of a large restoration job where downtime is already working against the home oCDS in 4 Wheel drive vanr business owner. HydraMaster Direct Drive truckmounts are designed and proven to be the most reliable truckmounts on the market.
  2. Ease of Training and Operation – Direct Drive Truckmounts are the easiest truckmount to operate so your training curve is greatly reduced and you can have newly hired technicians being productive in the field faster.
  3. Security and Noise Reduction. With the CDS or CDS xDRIVE, you can close the doors on your vehicle while running the equipment. You won’t be upsetting any neighbors and the police because when you close the doors of your van, you won’t be much louder than an idling van. Plus, with your vehicle totally locked up, you can operate securely knowing no one is pilfering around in your vehicle while your technicians are extracting water in a building
  4. More Room. Space is so important on a restoration work truck. You have to have IMG_9860retroom to haul all of your restoration gear. The more gear you can fit in your vehicle, the more you can put on the job. And that means revenue. With an extended GMC van you have 170 cubic feet of space for what every equipment you need for that restoration job.  With a mid or high roof Ford Transit you have even more room – plus you can stand up in the van! The CDS and CDS xDRIVE have the smallest footprints of any truckmounts in the industry and will leave you with the most room of any truckmount on the market.
  5. Versatility – Versatility in cleaning AND extraction – your truckmount is a beast when it comes to all of the cleaning challenges you may face on a restoration job: carpet & upholstery cleaning; hard surface floor cleaning; sidewalk, porch and entry way cleaning; water extraction; and pressure washing. Both the CDS and the CDS xDRIVE handle all of these challenges and more with no problems.
  6. Sanitization – You work so hard to sanitize surfaces that have been affected by water intrusion with disinfectants. Have you ever considered the incredibly important sanitizing effects of hot water from your truckmount? Indoor air quality tests performed on behalf of the EPA in the 1990’s showed a massive reduction in biological contamination in carpeting simply from being cleaned with a truckmount. Add to that fact the recent tests in 2014 that showed a reduction in allergens and mold spores in carpeting when cleaned with a truckmount. Maintaining consistently hot cleaning solution across a textile or hard surface improves the healthfulness of an already compromised indoor environment.
  7. Productivity – extracting or cleaning a hard or soft surface does require labor to do the job. A truckmount allows you to do it faster and better. A truckmount with maximum vacuum and heat that consistently runs at its highest level like the CDS or CDS xDRIVE makes you even more productive. Another often overlooked advantage is when you combine the extraction power of a HydraMaster Direct Drive Truckmount with the massive recovery capabilities of the RX20 Rotary Jet RX20Extractor. In fact, studies done of extraction tools, and their capabilities in standing water extraction demonstrated that the RX20 was the number one performing cleaning and extraction wand in its abilities to extract the most amount of water. Only a ride-on extraction only tool and a stationary sub-surface extraction tool extracted more water. The RX20 give you fantastic cleaning power, PLUS the ability to extract more water on a restoration job.
  8. Protects the Contents of Your Van from the Elements – Have you noticed that weather does not necessarily cooperate with you needing to extract water on a job site? Or clean up the mess? Rain, snow, wind, hail, sleet, and even extreme cold are not match for your CDS or CDS xDRIVE truckmount. Why? You can close up your van and operate with the doors closed. You don’t have to worry about the contents of your van getting wet, dirty, or being frozen. They are all snug and protected inside your warm running vehicle.

Nothing beats the performance of a Direct Drive truckmount from HydraMaster on a DSCF0098restoration job site. With the extraction performance you get from a Truckmount you will be able to extract all water possible, do it in a timely and efficient manner and be able to place your drying equipment faster and move onto the next job quicker.

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