The 7 Most Common Misconceptions about Carpet Cleaning Chemistry – Part 2 Cheaper is always better


Misconception #2 – Cheaper is always better – not understanding dilution rates in calculating the cost of chemicals

I was once having a conversation with a facility manager about carpet cleaning chemical cost and the budget she was being asked to operate within. This woman was obviously smart. She had two doctoral degrees. But numbers were not her strong suit, and operating budgets were obviously something she felt extremely pressured about. All she could see when comparing carpet cleaning chemicals was the cost per gallon. When I tried to explain to her that the prespray she was using now was mixed 1:8 and cost $20 per gallon, and the one her cleaning technicians were recommending because they thought it cleaned better was actually less expensive, she ended up basically calling me a liar. The prespray her technicians were recommending mixed 1:32 and cost around $34 per gallon. Now before you start making fun of her, make sure you know how to do the math. The solution she was using made 9 gallons per gallon, for an actual ready-to-use cost of $2.22 per gallon (9/20). The solution she was rejecting because it cost more made 33 gallons per gallon, for an actual ready to use cost of $1.03 per gallon (33/34). All she could ever see was the difference in the price per gallon. Make sure you do not all into that trap. If you really want to control your chemical cost, try ultra-concentrated carpet presprays like HydraMaster FastBreak HD Traffic Lane Cleaner 1:32-64) or HydraMaster Blitz with GreaseBreaker Carpet Prespray(one 6.5# jar of powder makes 52 gallons of ready to use prespray).


One thought on “The 7 Most Common Misconceptions about Carpet Cleaning Chemistry – Part 2 Cheaper is always better

  1. As a supply salesperson for a few years, I had the HARDEST time explaining this to otherwise intelligent business owners. They looked at all gallons being equal, and completely disregarded dilution ratio. I actually had an individual purchase a very heavy jar of an absorbent compound once to use as a detergent. I explained that if he did that he’d ruin his equipment because it wouldn’t dissolve. He laughed and tried to tell me that because it was heavier than a jar of actual detergent that it was a better value. He was in the following day raising cane with me because his pump stopped working.

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