How Do I Know What Hard Surface Floor I Will Be Cleaning? – Floor Identification Series – Part 2 of 7 parts


In part 2 of the series, we will begin to investigate and learn about the various testing and evaluation procedures you can use to determine the procedures and solutions for the effective deep, restorative cleaning of these floors in a residential or commercial setting

Testing Procedures for Floor Identification:

There are actually six different “tests” or evaluations you can perform to zero in on the type of floor you are being asked to clean. In this post, we will focus on the first test or evaluation to determine what type of floor the customer has – Simply ask the customer. It is important to know what they think they have, even if it is wrong to avoid unrealistic expectations.

  1. Ask! The owner will sometimes know if they have installed natural stone or a specialty tile. They may have access to installation paperwork which will identify the floor for you. When asking the homeowner or building owner if they know what the surface is, ask if a sealer has been applied and how? A stone surface will be a full spread (usually) penetrating sealer and as ceramic and porcelain do not need to be sealed just the grout lines may have been sealed.


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