Are “green” chemicals more expensive? If so, why should cleaners invest in these?

When green ingredients were first being introduced, there is no doubt that they made some products more expensive. As their use has expanded greatly, most green ingredients are very competitive today with their “non-green” counterparts. In our relatively small industry, much of the cost of some green products is to pay for the expensive third party certification. Believe me, getting those certifications is a lengthy and expensive process. The manufacturer who gets a product certified is going to most likely pass along that cost to the customers who use it.

So what should a cleaner do? If they have a need for third party green certified products, they should expect to pay more. We have already defined in a previous question when those times might be. If they are simply wanting to use products that are “totally” green or contain a large percentage of “green rated” ingredients, there are lots of great performing, competitively priced products to choose from.

ImageCleanMaster has a complete line of products that are manufactured utilizing ingredients recognized as “green.” These include products that have earned our prestigious SafeClean designation, which was initiated back in 1991 long before Green became a buzzword. SafeClean™ is HydraMaster’s long time trusted designation for cleaning solutions formulated with the latest technology in environmentally preferable “green” technology. SafeClean designated formulations meet or exceed industry ingredient guidelines for green cleaning solutions. The SafeClean designation goes well beyond traditional definitions of what a green formula should be like. It takes into consideration utilizing sustainable and renewable ingredients, environmental and health impact footprints on the indoor and outdoor environment, and perhaps the most important consideration of all- removing and extracting the soil from the surface being cleaned.

These products include Release with OxyBreak Carpet Prespray, RinseFree with OxyBreak Carpet Extraction DetergentHydraFree DFC Carpet Cleaning Solution, and ZipDri Encap TS Encapsulation Cleaner.

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