Are You Looking for a New Potential Revenue Stream? Time to Look at Rubber Floors

Cleaning professionals take notice: one sustainable floor type that is being installed in more facilities is rubber flooring. Rubber floors Imageare now offered in a variety of designs and colors for all types of locations; they are also very durable and last longer than many other floor types, including sustainable and conventional.

Rubber floors are considered Green and sustainable because many are made from sustainable and renewable natural rubber extracted from rubber trees. Additionally, there is recycled rubber flooring. Recycled rubber flooring is typically made from old tires and other rubber products, which helps minimize the amount of rubber that ends up in landfills.

Also, rubber flooring is cost effective. One study found after considering such factors as the initial cost of purchasing the rubber floor, the cost of installation, and the costs of cleaning and maintenance over a 15-year period, it proved far less costly than many other types of hard surface flooring.

While this all sounds well and good, rubber floors do have their own cleaning challenges. The problem with them is that very often Imagerubber floors are studded. Dust, debris, and soils gather around these studs, typically requiring the use of a backpack vacuum cleaner to remove. This is often better than dust mopping.

As to cleaning, regular mopping is fine as long as the floor has been vacuumed. Use a pH-neutral cleaning chemical. The cleaning solution and the mop head should be changed frequently to prevent soils from one area of the floor from being redistributed to other areas.

Eventually, however, just like other types of floors, rubber floors will need more restorative cleaning. Because they are studded, as we have already discussed, this can be a problem. Fortunately, there is an effective way to clean these floors and that is by using your HydraMaster Truckmount, along with a rotary hard surface extraction tool like the HydraMaster RX-15H.

These types of truckmounted systems systems can be used to deep clean carpets, but also have a rotary hard surface extraction tool attachment for power cleaning rubber as well as tile, grout, stone, finished concrete, and other types of hard surface floors. These unit generate up to 1000-2500psi psi and can be used continuously when hooked up to a water source.

An ideal cleaning solution for cleaning up these rubber floors is CleanMaster HydraSolv. As with all cleaning solutions, pretest on the floor for colorfastness and texture change first to make sure it is compatible. This makes caring for a sustainable floor, such as rubber, even Greener.



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