Why HydraMaster is your best choice for Restoration Equipment…

HM-RestorationCollageHydraMaster Restoration equipment is based on a 45+ year track record of HydraMaster reliability, durability, and dependability. Everything we make has to be part of this reputation. The HydraMaster restoration product line is rooted in the reality of the restoration equipment income earning marketplace. The large majority of water damage HM5000-Singlerestoration jobs are billed to and paid for by insurance companies. Rather than focusing exclusively on industry focused technical standards, the HydraMaster product range seeks to find the right mix of drying performance with the level of income that the equipment can produce, and that insurance companies are willing to pay.

The restoration equipment market today seems to be dominated by two opposing forces. First are US Based companies who were the pioneers of establishing the restorative drying industry who work hard to make sure industry standards of care see the science of restoration in a way that fits their product performance. The other are foreign manufactured equipment focused seemingly on making airmovers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers as inexpensively as possible to try and wrestle market share from the pioneers. Performance and quality control take a back seat to flooding the marketplace (pardon the pun) with multiple varieties of the same equipment at an inexpensive price.

IMG_9920The quality, conscientious restoration contractor is caught in the middle. In truth, he/she can charge the insurance company the same nightly rental rate for an inexpensive, foreign made  1/3 HP airmover as they can the cream of the crop airmover from the pioneer company. What they don’t know about is quality of construction, safety considerations, warranty and technical support, and more when it comes to that less expensive piece of equipment.

The HydraMaster line of restoration equipment provides both domestically produced HM3000_Masked_0743and foreign made airmovers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers, ozone generators, and flood extractors. The equipment is manufactured to our exacting standards with quality control people and mechanisms in place whether the equipment is made in the United States or overseas. Here’s what you can count on when choosing HydraMaster Restoration equipment:

  • Uncompromising Performance – When it comes to CFM, gallons per Hour of water removed, or fail-safe electronics and certification that you need to safely and effectively operate in a wet environment, we take no short cuts. Low amp usage for daisy chain capability and reduced power usage, GFCI breakers and ETL Certification for safer operation, and rugged and reliable design and construction for longevity make our product line your best choice.
  • Hassle-Free Warranty Service – on the rare occasion something goes wrong HM_HassleFreeBadgePATHSoutside of regular maintenance, HydraMaster’s legendary technical support and hassle free warranty support kick in.
  • Phone Technical Support – Our HydraMaster Technical Support line puts you in touch with our highly trained, patient and reliable tech support team to talk you through your operations, maintenance and troubleshooting questions. They are available Monday through Friday from 7am – 5pm (PST)
  • Competitive Pricing – Our equipment is not the most expensive, and it is not the cheapest either. We demand a high level of performance, safety testing, and quality no matter what factory it is made in.

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